Andy Bruce

Chile – Japan Business opportunities for the future

Chile and Japan’s friendship and business relation is a long story that started back in 1897. It is also a story of great success.

Chile exports to Japan billions of dollars of very diverse kinds of products, such as copper and copper ore, pork and meat, fish such as salmon and trout, as well as seafood products, wines, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, woodchips, lithium, molybdenum and other minerals. Chilean products are part of the majority of Japanese households and can be found in almost every home.

Japan, as well, exports to Chile billions of dollars in products and technologies such as automobiles and auto parts, tires, construction and mining equipment, medical equipment, electronic products, video games and robotics. This commercial exchange will continue growing, the opportunities we face are countless.

When it comes to foreign direct investment, Chile is the leader in Latin America and Japan has recognized this as an advantage for becoming the largest direct investing country in Chile several times.

Chile’s competitive edge and solid economic foundation make Chile OECD’s first and only South American economy. Chile is a nation that breathes a dynamic business culture and displays the highest GDP per capita in the region. Japan, on the other hand, is a recognized leader in the world, and an important business opportunity for Chilean companies.

On behalf of The Chilean Chamber of Commerce in Japan and our community of business persons and companies, I would like to extend a formal invitation to you and your company to join us and participate in actively creating unique business opportunities, cultural interchange and friendship in between Chile and Japan.

Let’s continue this story of success for many years to come.

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Andy Bruce